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Only Chess Forum

  1. 08 Apr '08 02:28
    interesting that all presently open tournaments except one, maybe 20 in all, are 7 - 14 except for one, and that one has 86 entrants. the shoerter time limit tournaments seem to fill quickly
    even if i manage to get to round two by the time the slower players finish i will be a year older and my birthdya is almost three months off
    also of the presently open invites only 2 of perhpas 40 are 7 / 14 the rest are shorter suggesting many others may what faster games than 7 14 with vacation thrown in?

    i am looking for a tourney, but do not wish to make a career of it , maybe shorter time limits are called for ?
  2. 08 Apr '08 02:48
    Send feedback - request a tournament exactly how you'd like it, for example: banded quartets 3/7, limit 16 players. I've done this twice and it's got me what I wanted twice.
  3. 08 Apr '08 10:39
    hi and thanks for the suggestion and i figured out how to send feedback and did so
    hope you accept apologies, if i recall correctly i sent a pm whine to you a few months back objecting to slow play, i just read a long now close thread on 21/21 tournaments, which has convinced me i was wrong to compolain to you, i hope my concerns were private, but if you accept apologies here is one, i am sorry.

    hope all is well in texas as i recall