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  1. 23 Jul '10 22:30 / 1 edit
    Inspired by a thread on this very subject.

    Blog 4

    To Castle or not to Castle

    Some statistics on castling. + sanzzy/jazzy avatars.
    The Rusty and Gramps show + 4 games with lads on here castling into
    mate in one move.

    Due to popular demand I have left comments on.
    This will mean I have to check it daily - that's pain in the neck.
  2. 24 Jul '10 11:28
    Of course it's not just the lads onRHP who castle into mate.
    I want to keep the blog strictly for RHP games so here is an OTB example.

    (note the grades.)

    D.James (2270) - D.Bisby (2120) Hastings 1995

  3. 24 Jul '10 13:04
    I didn't want to start a new thread for this,but I was wondering if old Greenpawn had seen it.

    If 7. ... Ke8 8.Bg5

    Black's 8th and White's 9th each took an hour!

    10. ... Kxh4 11.Nf3+ Kg4 12.Qxc5 Nxh1? 13.Qc4+ mates (Chess Life)

    10. ... d6 11.Ndf3+ Kg4 12.h3+ Kg3 13.Qc4 (threat 14.Nf5+!) Nxh1! black wins (Chess Life)

    12. ... Kh5 13.Qf3+! Ng4 14.h3! Qxe5+ 15.Kf1 (Chess Life)

    And finally a quote from Chess Life:
    "The laughter-filled analysis session continued for almost and hour, with grandmaster spectators such as Peter Leko and Emil Sutovsky taking turns to sacrifice more of Short's pieces."

    I really enjoyed that game. There is nothing like a 14 move Petroff draw to get the juices going.

    The article also had a nice swindle from the same tournament.

    Wesley So-Anish Giri

    Black To Move

    1. ... Nd1!

    2.Qc1 (Better Rxd1)

    2. ... Qg3!

    3. Ne2?? (3.Qxd1)

    And black's killer was ...

    3. ... Rf1+!! with mate next move

    Seeing these two games brought a smile to my face.
  4. 24 Jul '10 13:13
    Hi Paul.

    Seen the Short Game but not the second one, brillinat swindle. Cheers.