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  1. 05 Feb '15 10:28 / 1 edit
    I've been playing chess in my local (Oxfordshire) league for ten years now. Until this season I had played precisely zero women, but this season three out of my seven opponents have been women, and I will probably play two of them again in the return matches. Anyway, here is my latest effort. My attempt to play the always-exciting Caro Kann failed and I was forced into a cavalier Old Indian.

  2. 05 Feb '15 13:02
    10 Years....I played 33 years in the Edinburgh Chess League.

    Some of them (er....all of them) contained an unsound trick like the game below.

    Re: woman. Played a fair few but I kept getting paired with
    members of Scotland's Olympiad team winning 1, drawing 1 and losing 4!

    Elaine Rutherford did the damage. She does not fall for tricks.

    Unlike this lad.

    S.Milne - G.Chandler, Heriot Watt v Edinburgh Chess Club 1979

    I simply could not resist my 18th move. This failure to hold back when
    I knew there was a refutation has lost me games but I won more than
    I've lost, a lot more, so I'll never change.

  3. 08 Feb '15 02:42 / 1 edit
    DataFly and Greenpawn,
    Have you all played any Russian women? If so, were they hard to play? Why don't you try to play Natalia Pogonina sometime on RHP if she ever comes on here again or in OTB chess?

  4. 14 Feb '15 16:42 / 1 edit
    Hi KP.

    No I've not played a Russian woman, have enough trouble when I'm
    playing members of the Scottish Female Olympiad team.

    I think Datafly plays in the same club as Heather Lang (another member
    of the Scottish Olympiad team.) she probably has a huge plus against him.

    Played GM Keti Arakhamia Grant at blitz, I even manage to win one.