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  1. 01 Sep '15 12:35 / 1 edit
    Romanishin and Timman.

    They were hit in the seventies when they were ca. 25, playing 120 games per year and mostly winning every tournament they took part in.

    Then they began to lag behind in FIDE ch tournaments.

    Timman eventually played a title match in 1993 thanks ti schisma in FIDE but at the time I gave up chess and didn't even follow the games.

    They are still playing chess now in opens.

    I loved them once and still look at their games.

    In January this year, Timman resigned in a won position.

    Timman didn't look well at this tournament (Tata Steel) but he played much better on Politiken Cup in July.

    Romanishin has just finished a tournament in Porto San Giorgio. It is impossible to find who won the tournament, but this wa Romanishin's lucky place, and I think he won again.

    But he plays such openings which requires superman's strength to get something more than a draw. This is a typical Romanishin-game from the tournament: no sacrifices, no excitements, imitation of Catalan game, Bishop fiancheto as white...

    And he stills stubbornly plays Ruy Lopez as Black.
    In this game (On Najdorf memorial in July) he ruined better position in zeitnot.

  2. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    01 Sep '15 15:15
    Timman still has a respectable 2569 and Romanishin 2475.
  3. 03 Sep '15 16:31 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    Timman still has a respectable 2569 and Romanishin 2475.
    Little surprise - for a short time, Timman was the second best player in the world behind Karpov, before Kasparov overtook them both.