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  1. 14 Jan '09 11:08 / 2 edits

    With the idea of 0-0-0, g4, g5, Rhg1, Rg3, Qh5 etc.

    Anyone play this? I'm preparing against a 2150 player OTB whom I know plays this as Black and I would be interested to hear some themes and games from practitioners.
  2. 14 Jan '09 11:17 / 2 edits
    I often play similarly with Black, I'm a much weaker player than your opponent though. Still, I find I sometimes have problems when white castles long and goes for a pawn push, so this seems like a good strategy here.

    Here's a game of mine (warning: game in progress) Game 5809007

    Not sure how much the fianchetto makes a difference though.
  3. Standard member ptobler
    14 Jan '09 12:16 / 1 edit
    . Black aims for counterplay which usually means trying for a queenside counterattack. Black used to castle quickly but now quite often delays it to a) remove a target for White's forces and b) be able to accelerate his queenside attack quickly.


    White's main kingside advance in the Velimirovic is to advance his g-pawn, but in some circumstances he may use other strategies should Black handle the defence in an uncommon way.

    White's light-squared bishop supports a number of piece sacs on d5 and is also useful defensively.