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  1. 08 May '11 13:37
    Mamedyarov vs Boris Gelfand
    Round 1 Game 3 analysis by Daniel King

  2. 08 May '11 16:02 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by enrico20
    Mamedyarov vs Boris Gelfand
    Round 1 Game 3 analysis by Daniel King
    awesome game, King is also really great! thanks for that.
  3. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    08 May '11 20:27
  4. 08 May '11 21:59 / 1 edit
    From Alex McFarlane's daily report on the Scottish site.

    "It is interesting to see how the players act during a game.

    The playing hall from the players point of view has two adjacent doors leading off.
    One leads to a corridor which has toilet facilities, a nurses room and a smoking
    room (only one of the 8 players actually smokes) leading off.

    The other door leads to the players’ lounge. Of the 8 only Topalov remains at his
    board whilst the opponent is on the move. On the few occasions when he does get
    up he usually remains on the stage either watching the other games or doing
    some stretching exercise.

    Gelfand on the other hand spends much of his opponent’s time pacing around in
    the players’ lounge.

    Earlier today I was in the lounge having some nibbles (I had again missed lunch)
    and was watching Aronian, Kramnik and Gelfand all parading around the room
    making elaborate patterns around the furniture and each other.

    It is possibly the first time I have ever seen synchronised walking.

    Inside the lounge we have food and drink at one end and a huge screen
    displaying the four games at the other. When a player realises from the screen
    that the opponent has moved they rapidly return to their board.

    Gelfand also likes to juggle with a piece. He spins it in his hand with considerable

    It normally starts with the spare queen which is available but thereafter
    bishops or pawns are used as they are captured.

    This is done in view of everyone if the opponent is absent,
    but under the table if the opponent is there.

    Invariably, the piece is returned to the pile and a move played within seconds.

    It will be interesting to see how the behaviour varies in the tie-breaks. "