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  1. 31 Aug '15 10:46 / 1 edit
    Some of the games at this event have been quite extraordinary.

    Nakamura does a sac/sac followed by a King Hunt and Checkmate.

    W.So - H. Nakamura, Sinquefield Cup 2015

  2. Standard member Red Night
    RHP Prophet
    31 Aug '15 16:47
    That is a pretty cool game.

    e5 in the KID had been out of vogue which bugged me because I always liked that king side pawn storm.
  3. 01 Sep '15 09:32
    The question is, how did Nakamura see such a progression during the game? Is he that good?
  4. Subscriber sundown316
    The Mighty Messenger
    01 Sep '15 23:37 / 1 edit
    Sinquefield ended today, Aronian 1st with 6, Carlsen tied for 2nd-4th at 5. Another sub-par result for Magnus-loses to Topalov and Grischuk. Disastrous event for Caruana and So, finished in 9th and 10th places.
  5. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    02 Sep '15 00:23
    So finished with two brilliancies. Unfortunately, he was on the losing side of both games.
  6. Subscriber sundown316
    The Mighty Messenger
    02 Sep '15 16:54
    This can't bode well for So or Caruana's title hopes. If I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd straight super-tournament Fabiano has lost to Carlsen in their individual game.