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  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    05 May '11 22:44
    Well i probably could have put money on all games being drawn today (probably should have!) By the looks of things there was only one serious game between Aronian and Grischuk and what a game! I have to tip my cap, Grishchuk isn't here just to make the numbers up, his technique in drawing against two passed pawns was just superb! Hopefully we'll get a win or two tomorrow...
  2. Donation ketchuplover
    06 May '11 14:34
    Aronian drew in round two. Kramnik looks drawish. Gelfand and Kamsky appear winning.
  3. Donation ketchuplover
    09 May '11 09:30
    Kamsky faces Gelfand in round 2. The other round 1 matches are in tie-breaks.
  4. Standard member Quirke
    Racing Ralph
    09 May '11 10:16
    Originally posted by ketchuplover
    ... Kramnik looks drawish. ....

    I think I've heard that phrase before.
  5. Donation ketchuplover
    10 May '11 00:45
    Gelfand v. Kamsky and Kramnik v. Grischuk

    Go Kamsky!
  6. 10 May '11 01:15
    I must say I'm looking for a Kamsky-Kramnik final match. I've read that Gelfand has a hard time with big guns. So Kamsky may have a slight (and I mean very slight) edge on him. I'm a Kramnik fan so you must cheer for who you like.

    I need some education about Grischuk; he has to be a VERY,VERY good player to reach this height in chess and K.O. Aronian. Can he stand the pressure that Kramnik will try to put on him?

    The person who I wanted to win (Aronian) was KO'd I would love to see him hoist the world title in the future.
  7. Standard member nimzo5
    10 May '11 01:30
    With this format anyone can win. It would not surprise me at all if Gelfand advances to play Anand.