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  1. 29 Jun '14 02:21 / 1 edit
    Below is a reply I got for trying to help someone new on RHP. I am leaving out the UserName for this person.

    Again, like every single thing you've said to me, you either don't understand what I'm saying or you're defending bad design. I really don't like you and I don't want you to message me again. You are not at an intelligence level I consider sufficient to be even remotely interesting.

    In short, I am far more intelligent than you.

    So what is wrong with the following answer that I gave to the User?

    You Typed:
    I just want to see my active games and my past games. That's a lot simpler and covers pretty much all possible cases.

    Filtering should be a separate function on top of that, not interwoven this way.

    As far as I know, your games are not archived unless you do it on purpose. As far as I know you can see all your games at once in a list. If you somehow clicked the wrong link to the left of the MY GAMES Section, then look to the left of the MY GAMES section and click on the "All games" link or the "Inbox" link if you did not archive them already. I like the adding folders idea for putting my games in folders according to the opening. However, we are limited in the number of folders.
  2. 29 Jun '14 02:24 / 2 edits
    What is wrong with my answer at the bottom of this post? I am leaving out the user name for this person.

    Message #2

    Congratz. You figured something out.

    All my criticisms were 100% justified and indicative of the fact that I understand good web design and especially good correspondence chess website design.

    Message me again and there will be consequences.

    Message #3
    You embarrassingly stupid idiot.

    Apparently, the "Go To Next Waiting Game" BUTTON will not be there until after you make a move in the current game displayed.
  3. 29 Jun '14 02:28 / 1 edit
    What is wrong with my answer at the bottom of this post? I am leaving out the user name for this person.

    Message #4
    Bugger off, fool.

    Yes, your message to me was cut off.
  4. 29 Jun '14 02:37
    What is wrong with my other answers below? I left out the User Name.

    Answer 5
    First of all, our Personal Messages have a maximum length of characters which we can type out. While you are typing a personal message for the original time, you can see how many characters you have left as you type to the right of the text window. After that, your messages will not send any more characters that you type.

    However, I don't know of any length that Forum posts have on them.

    Now, you typed. . .
    Also, I'm not a fan of the fact that when posting new games, I can't specify a rating range for my opponent. Now I am a mathematician, and as such, I admire the elegance of ELO. And in that context, totally random pairings are ideal for blitz. For correspondence, I want to be able to stipulate who I face to some degree.

    ANSWER #6
    We are allowed to choose a rating range for our personal game offerings.
    CLICK on NEW GAME button. . .

    Then. . .
    You can leave out the Opponent's Name so that your challenge will be to the OPEN GAME section.

    Then you can type:
    a Game Name
    Choose the Color You want
    Select Rated or Not
    Choose TimeOut Length
    Choose Timebank Length

    Then Scroll down the screen to select:
    Open Invite Minimum Rating
    Open Invite Maximum Rating.
  5. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    29 Jun '14 02:38
    KOP, if someone's not accepting your help, then leave them be.
  6. 29 Jun '14 02:40
    And what is wrong with my answers for these 2 questions? I left out the User Name.

    You typed:
    1) Also, by default, they take you to the next game in your list in which it is your turn to move after you submit your move. I haven't found the option on RHP to do this. Does it exist? If so, why was it so hard to find?

    You can go to the next game by clicking the "Go To Next Waiting Game" BUTTON while you are in a current game display.

    There may also be a "Skip This Game For Now" BUTTON

    Next Question from ScreenNameHere,
    2) How about a simple move list? I have to look through the game log which has a graphical position for each move, or in the PGN which is honestly a bit too dense for quick scanning. A move list, like all other correspondence sites have on the side would be nice. You know a simple, columnular

    For each game you have open with someone, you can click on the "Analyze Game" BUTTON which will show you a graphical game and columnar moves
  7. 12 Jul '14 17:15
    Wow. Nothing's wrong with your answers, and anybody can see that. We just have to accept that some people want to spend their lifetime as biggest A-holes they can possibly be. I am entitled to say that, because my 84-yr-old father is exactly like that