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  1. 18 Nov '09 04:13
  2. 18 Nov '09 04:16
    it was blitz 5/5... so losing which pawn killed me or was there a major blunder before then?
  3. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    18 Nov '09 04:41
    a quick look:

    well, one big point at least would be that after you gave up the queenside pawns you were also looking at a lost endgame there. those pawns will walk over you unless you counter attack. which they did.

    also, after locking black out from the kingside, your 1st priority should've been opening his king up by any means necessary. push the pawns, sac a piece, anything. take the can opener and wrangle those pawns out of the way. time to throw the kitchen sink at him. -because if you don't, your extra pieces on that will do you absolutely nothing, and the queenside pawns will kill you. as happened.

    the opening... well, I'm working on that as well, but no good solutions to offer as of yet. things to try: after ...Bf5, always look at ways to get d3-e4 in, hitting the bishop. it often requires also c3 to get your queen on a4, or possibly Nh4 (which also helps getting f5 in). what you DON'T want to allow is leave that light bishop alive on b1-h7 diagonal. as I'm sure you realized already.

    I've tried the d4 push myself a few times, but although I feel it should be correct (against ...Nc6 without ...c5 first), I'm also struggling to find a good way to follow. considering that, I think you did relatively well in the opening.

    okay, I'm off to bed...
  4. 19 Nov '09 00:46
  5. 19 Nov '09 01:24
    Originally posted by Ice Cold
    Game 5829645
  6. 19 Nov '09 02:11
    I don't like d4 much (the pawn seems more suited for d3), and real men play Rxf5 (?) instead of Qe1 (?), after that e4 is not much good, and Bd2 is totally pointless. Black played pretty good though, apparently he's 2100+ too. Why does it say 1-0 in the PGN? You couldn't have won on time as Black had the last move.
  7. 19 Nov '09 02:21
    Originally posted by trev33
    Game 5829645
    Oh sure, try that crap against a good player.
    Oh wait, that was Zumz?? Crap on a stick, I might have to look at the Bird's me self.
  8. 19 Nov '09 02:31
    Originally posted by heinzkat
    Why does it say 1-0 in the PGN? You couldn't have won on time as Black had the last move.
    oh, we started talking, i forgot to resign and he left the board first.

    thanks for the comments though... and woodworm.