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  1. 17 Sep '15 08:33 / 2 edits
    Hey All,

    Here is a FEN that I have set up. I really don't remember the positions of all pieces except I do remember the basic solution of Check Mating. I just made up positions for the rest of the board. Someone at the local chess club showed an example of the same idea which I remember to a useful extent.

    It is White to Move and Win. . .Can you see the solution for the White Side? P.S. I guess this is my first Fen. Has anyone ever seen a game with this basic mating pattern even if the Black Side is doing the check mating?

  2. 17 Sep '15 14:06
    The 'Gun' draws your attention. 🙂

    Does R-e8+ ...K-c7
  3. 17 Sep '15 21:22
    Looks good to me!
  4. 20 Sep '15 06:19
    The moves solution was supposed to take 6 moves for white. I will try to fix a proper board for a new movement order.