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  1. Donation !~TONY~!
    25 Feb '10 15:20
    I played this humorous game on ICC yesterday night. Angling for my new favorite Kalashnikov, I accidently played ...Ke7 instead of ...Be7, causing me some serious problems. White didn't react in the best fashion. Soon after, I was completely fine, and was turning the tables when I decided to sac my queen it saucy fashion. I quickly gained a winning position, then got completely whamboozled by a nice trick when we were both low on time. Bollocks!

  2. 25 Feb '10 15:24
    The king is a fighting piece!
  3. Standard member adam warlock
    Baby Gauss
    25 Feb '10 15:36
    Excellent blitz game. The treats just kept on coming! 😀
  4. 25 Feb '10 15:42
    Brillaint - thanks - this will be appearing on The Corner.
    I've been covering mouse slips - the one the Corner.

    Is actually HeinzKat v Korch.

    6...Ke7 will now be establised theory and appear in books

    Page 16.

    6...Ke7! The Tony Tactic

    A good game - Thanks Again.
  5. Standard member Exuma
    25 Feb '10 15:43
    Thanks for that one 🙂
  6. Standard member Lundos
    Back to basics
    26 Feb '10 16:39
    Nice. Keep 'em comin'. 🙂
  7. 02 Mar '10 12:15
    I used Tony's game.

    It took a while to find a previous post but just found it.

    I fall for the same stalemate in an OTB game.

    I'm Black, I have just played Rxg2.

    Your hero is thinking;

    "When he plays 31.Qxf8+ I play 31...Rg8 discovered check and win the Queen."

    He played 31.Qxh7+ ! stalemate.

    That is what you get for faffing about with won games.

    What made it all the more galling was I played a good game.

    I sac my Queen to have fun with my two Knights.
    And what fun the two beasts had that day.
    He gave up the two Rooks to get rid of them.

    He must have saw and set up the stalemate trap ages ago.
    I never even smelt it coming.

    Here is the full game.

    It's all pure horse play.

    R.Austin v G.Chandler, Edinburgh Club Championship. 1980.

  8. Donation !~TONY~!
    02 Mar '10 14:08
    Thanks guys, for enjoying the game and chuckling along with me. I've now made Chandler's Corner twice! Whooo! I think I'm purposely just going to try to play outrageous games now, just to see how many times I can make it in. 😀