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  1. 17 Apr '10 16:55
    Thought I’d post some, facts, rules, dates and links to help you get ready for the World Championship Match that starts now on Friday 23rd of April.
    12 Matches between Anand and Topalov to crown the 2010-2011 Champion and devide €2million!

    Champion: Viswanathan Anand

    Nationality: Indian
    Birth Year: 1969
    Official Rating March 2010: 2787
    Official Ranking March 2010: 4
    Live Rating April 2010: 2791,2
    Live Rating April 2010: 3
    Fide Chess Profile:

    Challenger: Veselin Topalov

    Nationality: Bulgarian
    Birth Year: 1975
    Official Rating March 2010: 2805
    Official Ranking March 2010: 2
    Live Rating April 2010: 2812,2
    Live Rating April 2010: 2
    Fide Chess Profile:

    Classical Chess Score:
    Anand Win: 10
    Draw: 23
    Topalov Win: 11

    Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria
    Official Site:


    Wednesday 17:00 CET, 21st of April: official opening (and drawing for colors)
    Thursday 22nd of April: Rest day
    Friday 14:00 CET, 23rd of April: GAME #01
    Saturday 14:00 CET, 24th of April: GAME #02
    Sunday 25th of April, Rest Day

    Monday 14:00 CET, 26th of April: Game #03
    Tuesday 14:00 CET, 27th of April Game #04
    Wednesday 28th of April: Rest Day
    … And so on …
  2. 17 Apr '10 16:57
    Complete Rules and Regulations:

    These are some important points to note:

    3.4 Drawing of colors
    3.4.1 The draw for colors will be conducted during the opening ceremony. The colors shall
    be reversed after game 6. (The player getting the white color in game 1 shall play game 7
    with the black color).

    3.5 Time Control
    3.5.1 The time control for each game shall be: 120 minutes for the first 40 moves, 60 minutes
    for the next 20 moves and then 15 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30
    seconds per move starting after move 61 has been made.

    3.6 Conditions of victory
    3.6.1 The WCM shall be played over a maximum of twelve (12) games and the winner of the
    match shall be the first player to score 6.5 points or more. A tie shall be broken according to
    Article 3.7 below. If the winner scores 6.5 points in less than 12 games then the organizer can
    re-schedule the Closing Ceremony for an earlier date.

    3. 7 Tie-breaks
    3.7.1.a If the scores are level after the regular twelve (12) games, after a new drawing of
    colors, four (4) tie-break games shall be played. The games shall be played using the
    electronic clock starting with 25 minutes for each player with an increment of 10 seconds
    after each move

    3.7.2 If the scores are level after the games in Article 3.7.1a, then, after a new drawing of
    colors, a match of 2 games shall be played with a time control of 5 minutes plus 3 seconds
    increment after each move. In case of a level score, another 2-game match will be played to
    determine a winner. If still there is no winner after 5 such matches (total 10 games), one
    sudden-death game will be played as described below in Article 3.7.3.

    3.7.3 If the score is still level after five matches as described in Article 3.7.2, the players
    shall play a one sudden death game. The player who wins the drawing of lots may choose the
    color. The player with the white pieces shall receive 5 minutes, the player with the black
    pieces shall receive 4 minutes whereupon, after the 60th move, both players shall receive an
    increment of 3 seconds from move 61. In case of a draw the player with the black pieces is
    declared the winner.

    12. Prize Fund
    12.1 Price fund 2.000.000. EUR: Winner 1.200.000. EUR; Loser : 800.000.EUR
    12.2 The organizer shall pay to FIDE an amount of 20% over and above the total prize fund,net of any applicable taxes.
  3. 17 Apr '10 16:58
    No more toilet jokes please:

    3.8 Playing Conditions.

    3.8.1 Only the players and stewards shall be allowed in the actual playing area except with
    the permission of the Chief Arbiter or his Deputy. Both players will have access to the same
    toilet facilities during the games. There will be no separate rest rooms for the players during
    the games. Both players shall use the same rest lounge area which shall be on/at the stage and
    visible by the Arbiter and the spectators.

    3.8.2 Before the start of play, the players shall arrive at least ten (10) minutes for security

    3.8.3 During the playing session the following additional regulations shall be in force:
    a) The players are not permitted to bring into the playing area telephone, technical and other
    equipment extraneous to play, which may in any way disturb or upset the opponent. The
    Chief Arbiter shall decide what constitutes extraneous equipment liable to offend the
    b) A player may communicate with an arbiter or a steward. In the case of a draw offer, he
    may also communicate with his opponent as permitted by article 9.1.b of the World
    Championship Technical Regulations (annex 1).
    c) During the playing session, a player may leave the playing area only with the permission
    of the Chief Arbiter and only if he is accompanied by one of the arbiters.

    3.8.4 For any infringement of Article 3.8, the Chief Arbiter shall have the right to impose a
    fine of not more than 5,000 (five thousand) euro. The player may protest to the Appeals
    Committee in accordance to the proceedings laid out in Article 7.3.1.
  4. 17 Apr '10 17:48
    Web-sites where you will be able to follow the Games Live in the browser for free. No download or log-in required:

    The odds market:


    -Is Topalov expected to play 1.e4 exclusively? What will be Anand’s most likely counter weapon?

    -And what about Anand who shoked Kramnik by swirching from 1.e4 to 1.d4. What is Topalov preparing here?
  5. 17 Apr '10 22:43
  6. 19 Apr '10 09:05
    Icelandic volcano and the match:

    "Just after landing on a stopover in Frankfurt, World Champion Vishy Anand was informed that all further flights were cancelled, owing to volcanic ash from Iceland. With 25,000 flights cancelled per day, hundreds of thousands of travellers, including Anand, are stranded, with alternative routes (rental cars, trains) almost impossible to arrange. The AICF is seeking a three-day postponement."
  7. 19 Apr '10 14:34 / 1 edit
    The bulgarians reject any postponements, except for the press conference. Surprise, surprise!
  8. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    19 Apr '10 14:54
    Originally posted by Peter Henriksen
    The bulgarians reject any postponements, except for the press conference. Surprise, surprise!
    I would guess that there's probably a hefty cost & major reorganization needed for moving the event a few days later this close to the date. even the venue might not be available, not to mention the staff & technique. and there are plenty of ways for anand to get from frankfurt to bulgaria in time without flying. sure it's a hassle for anand, but postponing is probably a much bigger problem than sitting in a crowded train or even driving there.

    anyway, the planes here are flying again today. don't know how it's elsewhere.
  9. Standard member Palynka
    Upward Spiral
    19 Apr '10 15:14
    Originally posted by Peter Henriksen
    The bulgarians reject any postponements, except for the press conference. Surprise, surprise!
    Why not take a car? It's about 1700 Km which can be done in one day with two drivers.
  10. Standard member peacedog
    20 Apr '10 14:40
    Originally posted by wormwood
    anyway, the planes here are flying again today. don't know how it's elsewhere.
    Heathrow is open now but I'm still waiting for my flight into it because of the backlog. I expect to wait another 2 days before I can travel.
    I expect Anand is travelling Business class so he should be able to fly today.
  11. 20 Apr '10 15:16
    Anand has now officially arrived in Sofia, apparently he traveled by car and it took him 40 hours.
  12. 21 Apr '10 19:46
    Match has been postponed for 1 day. First game will be on saturday.
  13. 22 Apr '10 23:50
    it's Topalov as White and Anand as Black in the first game.

    What should we expect in the opening?
  14. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    23 Apr '10 18:59
    I haven't had anything useful to add to this, but I did recommend the initial post when it came out, and I appreciate the effort to collect the information and present it.

  15. Donation ketchuplover
    23 Apr '10 23:45
    Originally posted by pulern
    it's Topalov as White and Anand as Black in the first game.

    What should we expect in the opening?
    Either the semi-slav or sicilian kan is my guess