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Only Chess Forum

  1. 09 May '12 17:54
    Just logged onto *ahem* another chess site, expecting to see a lost game. Instead, I have a message saying "Well done, you played well". My opponent had resigned. Here's the game:

    I very nearly resigned myself after 23...Qxf2+

    So, anyone else had an opponent resign rather than deliver mate-in-one?
  2. 09 May '12 20:12 / 1 edit
    wow!at times I've been lucky in chess but not THAT lucky

    the threat really is stronger than the execution 😉
  3. Standard member Thabtos
    I am become Death
    09 May '12 20:34
    I have resigned a lot when I shouldn't have.

    Just the way my mind works...hard to deal with real life stuff with 5 positions in your head.

    Same reason I'm stupid around pretty girls.
  4. 09 May '12 21:30
    untergang you have obviously hacked his password, resigned his game
    and sent yourself a message. That is so bad.

    (what is his password, I'm losing to that guy as well.)