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  1. Standard member bill718
    14 Apr '09 01:19
    Many players seem to think that they must have access to the latest opening theory in order to be sucessful. I don't think so. Remember that the latest "improvements" in theory are just the same old openings that a master has studied, and found new ideas from. Many times one can find improvements of there own if they apply some effort, and getting your opponents out of "book" can be a good way to gain an advantage. I think all correspondence players should have access to some reference material. We must not forget however that a chess book or database is a "guide" not a gospel.
  2. 14 Apr '09 02:53
    Very true.

    At the top you must work on your openings and keep up to date
    because any old trash won't do as the good guys will punsih you.

    But down here amongst us bottom feeders people are winning with 1.f3 2.Kf2.

    Have you seen the 'reyotch trap' User 156228.
    He plays this a lot and has a reasonable score with it.

    But when he comes up against a semi-good player who simply
    follows opening principles (and that is all you need), this happens.

  3. Standard member menace71
    Can't win a game of
    14 Apr '09 04:09
    All of those games from the late 1800's. From the miniatures Thats seems like a crazy play to put your K out there like that. Of course that guy is an 1800 so He can play it with some success.