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  1. 03 Nov '06 04:11
    for those of you who play on FICS, i would like to know some people's standard ratings to see if they really are inflated (or if it's just me thinking funny)

    my FICS is 2136 which is way off
  2. 03 Nov '06 07:35
    standard ratings are not at all accurate on fics, usually players are having high RDs in standard....Blitz ratings are much more accurate.
  3. 03 Nov '06 16:34
    ^^^ yes, when saying your rating at FICS, it is also important to mention the RD.

    ....My standard goes from 1600-to-1800, with an RD around the 30 mark.
  4. 05 Nov '06 20:52
    I just played 3 Standard Games on FICS, and now have a provisional rating of 2050. This is great for my ego, but I know that I am not quite that strong OTB. Closer to 1700-1800 ish vs. USCF rated players that I have played. So, yes, I think that you may be right about the FICS standard ratings.