Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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    29 Apr '05
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    I just found this interesting vikings board game. It seems that it's not as complex as chess, but deeper than checkers or so. I like the idea that the starting position is not mirrored or at least equally, like in chess, gammon, checkers and most other games.


    You can download there and play against computer or another players. I tried the defender on computer level 1. After white had gotten most of my pieces somehow, I started moving randomly and suddenly I brought my king to the corner, so I won. That was quite surprising 😉

    Okay I guess this thread is not a puzzle, but if you download the game and try to beat the computer, then it's like a puzzle 🙂

    edit: none of the link commands i tried worked, so i gave up on that...