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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 03 Aug '06 10:48
    Andy dislikes the catcher. Ed's sister is engaged to the second baseman. The center fielder is taller than the right fielder. Harry and the third baseman live in the same building. Paul and Allen each won $20 from the pitcher at pinochle. Ed and the outfielders play poker during their free time. The pitcher's wife is the third baseman's sister. The pitcher, catcher, and infielders except Allen, Harry, and Andy, are shorter than Sam. Paul, Andy, and the shortstop lost $50 each at the racetrack. Paul, Harry, Bill, and the catcher took a trouncing from the second baseman at pool. Sam is involved in a divorce suit. The catcher and the third baseman each have two children. Ed, Paul, Jerry, the right fielder, and the center fielder are bachelors. The others are married. The shortstop, the third baseman, and Bill each cleaned up $100 betting on the fight. One of the outfielders is either Mike or Andy. Jerry is taller than Bill. Mike is shorter than Bill. Each of them is heavier than the third baseman.

    Using these facts, determine the names of the men playing the various positions on the baseball team.

    .... my last two riddle posts were solved on first tries... I bet this is no exception haha....
  2. 03 Aug '06 16:21
    and another one :::::::

    A farmer had a stone that he used to measure grain on his scale. One day his neighbor borrowed the stone, and when he returned, it was broken into four pieces. The neighbor was very apologetic, but the farmer thanked the neighbor for doing him a big favor. The farmer said that now he can measure his grain in one pound increments starting at one pound all the way to forty pounds (1, 2, 3, 17, 29, 37, etc.) using these four stones.

    How much do the four stones weigh?
  3. Standard member JYD
    03 Aug '06 17:07
    The stones will have to weigh 1 3 9 and 27 pounds.
  4. 03 Aug '06 17:14
    Originally posted by JYD
    The stones will have to weigh 1 3 9 and 27 pounds.