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    06 Aug '08
    06 Aug '08 21:27
    I just thought i'd start this thread because I happened to come across the most perfect riddle I have ever seen, in that, it separates the mind of the average chess mind from that of the average mind. I have also put it on my profile, got it from another site (don't remember which one). Anyway, I think I have correctly worked it out, but if anyone else has any in depth thought as to the correct meaning, I am all ears. I was also thinking how cool it would be for any inspired chess enthusiasts to throw some riddles of their own out there so that we (as chess enthusiasts) could communicate in riddles and the average person wouldn't have a clue what we spoke of. Anyway, here is the riddle (help me out).

    "I have 16 enemies and 16 friends, 32 paces for war to begin. Faceless men march with no breath, with no soul, to an infinite battle where the ego will fold." -(quote)- Jamie Walter Adams

    OK, here is my attempt:

    The 16 enemies are the opponents pieces, conversely, the 16 friends are the pieces you control. 32 paces for war to begin (32 s'paces' between the initial marching pawns.) Faceless men march with no breath (typical chess set has pieces with no faces and no soul but, I would suggest being on the front lines would encompass the mindset of one with no soul just someone serving the king and mechanically taking out the enemy without personal inward reflection), to an infinite battle (chess is a complex game with an infinite amount of possible moves, I think it was said once that in the first 30 moves of chess that there are more possibilities than stars in the sky) where the ego will fold, (let's face it, how many egos have been blistered by a loss in chess....I know mine has been)..........................any one else want to take a shot at this? that's what riddles are all about, from another persons eyes maybe there is another analysis.