1. Cyberspace
    02 Aug '04
    11 Dec '04 12:20
    A man goes to a popular hill station in India and asks for a room in a hotel. The manager informs him that for the first day the charge is Rs350. And for every hour from the second day onwards the charge is Rs 12 per hour. The man hands over 1000 one rupee coins to the manager and asks him to divide the coins into 10 bags in such a way that on whatever time he leaves on the second or third day the manager can give back the remaining money without opening the bags. Help the manager to divide the money.
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  2. Standard memberTheMaster37
    Out of my mind
    25 Oct '02
    11 Dec '04 13:19
    He'll need at least 350 Rs in bags (for when he leaves immedeately) and any number of increments of 12 for every hour he stays. I assume he has to pay for a full hour, even if he leaves 30 minutes earlier (you should've specified what the minimum increment was otherwise). He therefore cannot stay longer then 54 hours after the first day, for then he has only Rs 2 left.

    350, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 276 (total Rs 998)

    We need 10 bags, so we put the remaining 2 Rupees in two seperate bags, and we divide the 350 over two bags equally:

    12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 276, 1, 1, 175, 175 (total 1000). With this he can pay for every hour he stays longer.
  3. Hoagy's Alley
    12 Sep '04
    12 Dec '04 02:57
    This is why they invented credit cards isn't it.