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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 08 Feb '03 20:58
    take 4 pens(straws, or and other strait thing) and put them in the shape of a field goal. then put a wad of paper in the middle of the field goal. you can only move 2 pieces of the field goal and you have to get the piece of paper out of the middle and still have a field goal at the end.

    PS: you can not move the piece of paper in the middle.
  2. 11 Feb '03 15:28 / 1 edit
    The solution to this will result in an upside down goal post. You need to move the left upright and the crossbar of the original goal post. The crossbar should be moved to the right half it's length so that the original base is now an upright and the original right upright represents the new base. The remaining upright can be placed at the opposite end of the cross bar to form the other upright.

  3. Standard member zach918
    11 Feb '03 16:31
    that seemed so difficult when i first set it up...but now that i know how, it seems so easy