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    After his last win (http://www.timeforchess.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=50208) your boss gets cocky and asks you to set 'em up again (and even has the cheek to let you be White again). But he plays even worse than before and you have a mate in 2 if you want it. Can you see how to secure that promotion by forcing him to mate you (to play) in 27 moves?
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    Bf2+ would force RxB mate but for the White bishop on d7.
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    I finally solved it.

    1.Bc3+ Kc4 2.Bd2+
    This has to be done first to clear e1 for the wN.
    2...Kd4 3.Nc6+
    The N must clear the a5-e1 diagonal, but still end up holding d3.
    3...Kd3 4.Ne5+ Kd4 5.Nf3+
    If he stays on e5, the planned Bc3+ becomes mate.
    5...Kd3 6.Ne1+ Kd4 7.Bc3+ Kc4 8.Ba5+ Kd4 9.Nf3+
    Not yet Rd2+, because of the reply ...Nd3+!
    9...Kd3 10.Rd2+ Kc4 11.Rb4+
    The justification of Ba5 emerges...White gets two R/B batteries that allow Bd7 to give check without mating.
    11...Kc3 12.Rb6+ Kc4 13.Bb5+ Kb3 14.Be8+!
    14.Bc6+? takes away wN's return square.
    14...Kc4 15.Rb4+
    Now, White only needs to reset his pieces.
    15...Kc3 16.Rbb2+ Kc4 17.Rdc2+ Kd3 18.Ne1+ Kd4 19.Bc3+ Kc4 20.Bd2+ Kd4 21.Nf3+ Kd3 22.Ne5+ Kd4 23.Nc6+ Kd3 24.Nb4+ Kd4 25.Bc3+ Kc4 26.Be1+ Kd4 27.Bf2+ Rxf2#
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    Well done, BigDogg. (I was beginning to think you had found a cook.) 😉
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