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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Standard member megamaster
    Xelenal of Epaland
    09 Apr '11 02:34
    A guy meets a genie. IT gives him 3 wishes. The guy wishes for a million wishes. But he only gets half of that . Then , he makes 27 wishes. Later on, he buys a car,a boat, and a van. How many wishes does he have left?
  2. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    It's about respect
    09 Apr '11 06:35
  3. 09 Apr '11 14:04
    Originally posted by megamaster
    IT gives him 3 wishes.
    IT never gives any wishes.

    And when it does, beware. What was your user ID again? *Clickety-click* *whirr*

  4. Standard member megamaster
    Xelenal of Epaland
    09 Apr '11 16:45
  5. 09 Apr '11 17:47
    i dont get it.
  6. 07 May '11 02:35
    He just used the 27 so far...just because he bought a car, a boat and a van, that doesn't mean that those items had anything to do with his wishes.
  7. 07 May '11 12:44
    dont get it
  8. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    08 May '11 14:53
    A guy finds a little bronze bottle in the sand and brushes it off. Out pops the genie.

    Thank you! gushed the genie. I grant you one wish, make it anything you like.

    The guy wished for that which would make him, and anyone in the world the most happy possible. His wish transcended all the money and power in the world and it dwarfed to the point of meaningless the romantic adoration and total devotion of a romantic beauty filled with lustful desires. It also dwarfed silly wishes, such as being on a beautiful tropical island filled with adoring natives while being free from all threats and having unlimited food, shelter and pleasantries. It also exceeded by leaps and bounds any altruistic wishes such as any wishes for global peace, love and good will. No, this was the most profound wish possible and it was, indeed granted.

    Nothing happened.

    The man looked quizzically at the genie and asked, "Why have you not granted what I wished for?"

    The genie beamed a smile and replied, "I did grant you a wish. Keep on with it. Bye now." Poof.
  9. 08 May '11 19:22
    ?im sorry im sure im being very dense....
  10. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    08 May '11 19:45
    Originally posted by Banana King
    ?im sorry im sure im being very dense....
    not at all. it's the best puzzle ever.
  11. 08 May '11 22:37
    yes and i still dont understand it!