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Quantum dots destroy lung cancer cells:122 May '18 05:05sonhousesonhouse
If AI becomes much smarter than any human:3622 May '18 04:18sonhousesonhouse
Spiritosophy9921 May '18 22:25FreakyKBHsonhouse
363 years to shuck off fossil fuels:120 May '18 19:04sonhousesonhouse
Price's law. The people who do the work:2218 May '18 05:22sonhouseapathist
Intel now making 10Nm CPU chips.118 May '18 01:15sonhousesonhouse
Very rare jelly fish like a bag:317 May '18 19:25sonhousesonhouse
Laser proves Earth is round:2614 May '18 13:55sonhousesonhouse
Wintamer wind generator:113 May '18 17:58sonhousesonhouse
Limits to acquiring scientific knowledge:1110 May '18 22:45sonhousemoonbus
"Big Bell Test'' challenges Einstein:209 May '18 20:18sonhouseKazetNagorra
Maunder minimum18009 May '18 14:33Metal Brainsonhouse
handheld 3D printer makes skin!709 May '18 00:37sonhousesonhouse
Space elevator time?108 May '18 04:08sonhousesonhouse
Human Evolution Did Not Stop Long Ago3107 May '18 18:42Duchess64wildgrass
Quantum radar505 May '18 22:12humysonhouse
@sonhouse3605 May '18 16:40FreakyKBHsonhouse
Propaganda and lies from PBS' Nova8405 May '18 15:26Metal Brainsonhouse
Question about Neandertal article1805 May '18 14:29sonhousesonhouse
Energy Through Nuclear Fusion1229 Apr '18 19:41Duchess64sonhouse
latest Majorana quasiparticles research128 Apr '18 10:27humyhumy
Aquaporins & water channels for desalination127 Apr '18 16:59humyhumy
Aerogel227 Apr '18 00:52humysonhouse
Push or pull126 Apr '18 05:01ogbogb
Ipcc225 Apr '18 23:02RemovedDeepThought
So let me get this straight.....125 Apr '18 22:01whodeywhodey
Millions of tons of rare earth elements found:720 Apr '18 23:19sonhousesonhouse
Superspintronics920 Apr '18 06:32humyhumy
New class of antibiotics916 Apr '18 19:13humysonhouse
Travelers114 Apr '18 22:09ogbogb