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Simple math, ancient Egypt:21613 Nov '17 13:01sonhousehumy
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Improving on the Markowitz theorum, humy, look307 Nov '17 20:24sonhousesonhouse
Stephen Hawking's PhD Dissertation1607 Nov '17 14:28Duchess64sonhouse
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Evolution taught again in New Mexico206 Nov '17 05:54sonhousewolfgang59
Small solution for space travel times503 Nov '17 16:32sonhousesonhouse
Brian Greene & LIGO principals, great talk!227 Oct '17 14:10sonhouseGhost of a Duke
is God logical12127 Oct '17 13:32Christopher Albonsonhouse
memory that computes:827 Oct '17 13:21sonhousesonhouse
Iron in the sun3725 Oct '17 18:03Metal Brainsonhouse
AI analyzes gravitational lenses 10 million X f...424 Oct '17 19:03sonhousemoonbus
Abiogenesis Fact?19924 Oct '17 14:07Eladarsonhouse
Limits of Science22924 Oct '17 14:04Eladarsonhouse
Question about 2 merging neutron stars:522 Oct '17 10:55sonhouseDeepThought
World pollution deadlier than wars, disasters, ...1021 Oct '17 14:14humyFreakyKBH
11 year old wins science award:120 Oct '17 14:47sonhousesonhouse
Walter Munk, Einstein of the oceans, now 100 YO...119 Oct '17 18:40sonhousesonhouse
When Stars Collide518 Oct '17 19:53HandyAndysonhouse
Age of the earth26317 Oct '17 12:14vivifysonhouse
looking Up515 Oct '17 17:18ogbsonhouse
"STEVE. through 360 degree lens. Astronomy.315 Oct '17 15:45sonhousehumy
House sized asteroid sliding close to Earth:1814 Oct '17 23:24sonhouseogb
Laser breakthrough: many uses for this new one.113 Oct '17 12:29sonhousesonhouse
Amazing ceramic pumps 1400 C liquid metals!111 Oct '17 17:14sonhousesonhouse
Public Schools1611 Oct '17 15:17Eladarapathist
Brand new way to make photocells:109 Oct '17 18:37sonhousesonhouse
Calculating mass of the universe7809 Oct '17 17:45sonhousesonhouse
Next generation cars2105 Oct '17 16:45Christopher Albonapathist