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Day of the Dead1616 Jan '18 03:44JS357wolfgang59
Worshipping a God who executed Homosexuals10315 Jan '18 18:47Eladarsonhouse
2 Thessalonians 3:103713 Jan '18 20:19EladarEladar
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Religion Class6413 Jan '18 01:05JS357JS357
There is no way Christianity was created by man2112 Jan '18 23:51whodeywhodey
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A Biblical perspective3211 Jan '18 20:05BigDoggProblemEladar
Dead bury the dead?5609 Jan '18 05:03EladarEladar
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NT acceptance of homosexuality23607 Jan '18 15:45EladarEladar
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Mormons/Baptism2505 Jan '18 20:20667joecaissad4
Reverse Pascal's Wager (NZ variation)14605 Jan '18 00:36wolfgang59apathist
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