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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation GENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    04 Aug '02 12:44
    Current standings for 1100 and below category as of 0735 EST Just so
    everyone knows I will be doing one of these weekly to keep everyone
    up to date with my category. once again GOOD LUCK TO ALL and lets
    keep it fun..


    97406 Vacostner White Move number 6
    97407 GENIEJML White Move number 5

    Flash vs Linda
    98163 Flash White Move number 2
    98164 Linda White Move number 2

    Mommyoftwojps vs Chester97
    97551 Mommy White Move number 3
    97553 Chester White Move number 2

    Zander vs RoyHenderson
    Neither game has been started yet

    Overbassj vs jakatsavras
    97494 Overbassj White move number 3
    97493 jakatsavras White move number 3

    these were current as of 0735 EST.

    Dave I am not sure what to do about the ZANDER vs Royhenderson
    series. Neither one of them have made any attempts at starting
    games should we let this ride or what?

    ASST TD 1100
    Baker Invitational
  2. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    04 Aug '02 16:35
    Dave has the last say so. I'm of the opinion that if the games
    are not started seven day after play in the tournament started the
    players will be eliminated.
    Asssitant TD Baker Invitational
  3. Donation GENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    04 Aug '02 20:50
    OKIE DOKIE that sounds good to me! I have given them both ample
    opportunities to strt the games

    110 ASST TD