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Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation GENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    01 Aug '02 01:26
  2. Donation GENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    01 Aug '02 01:31
    I still need game numbers from:

    Zandervs RoyHenderson
    OverbassJ Vs. Jkatas

    And just to make sure I have them right:

    Flash vs. Linda
    97410 & 97642

    MommyoftwoJps Vs. Chester97
    97551 & 97553

    Geniejml vs. Vacostner
    97405 & 97406

    If these are incorrect please let me know by email

    Also the games that have not yet been started you need to let me
    know by email, as I dont do chess move but every other day so if you
    guys start your games please EMAIL me

    1100 and below