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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 02 Jun '09 22:19
    Seems rather strange to have two 21/21 GLH tournaments set up within a few days of each other, particulary as there were only 3 entrants to the May tournament before the June tournament was set up.
  2. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    03 Jun '09 08:19
    Good grief! An old-style ICCF game by snail mail between, say, me & someone in deepest Russia under the old Soviet regime would have been quicker. As its extreme here, a game will take five years to complete. That's too long 🙄
  3. 03 Jun '09 16:10
    I managed to finish one in little over a year. It depends on what sort of opponents you have, you might well get one who can drag a single round on for several years.
  4. 03 Jun '09 16:22
    If you can't beat 'em, you can always try to outlive 'em.