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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 07 Jun '04 14:02
    Do you guys know of any non members tournaments coming up. Let a nigga know somethin
  2. Standard member moredhel
    Caught Red Handed
    09 Jun '04 03:54
    Err...yes im curious too.
  3. Standard member mrmist
    09 Jun '04 05:35
    There's lots of members tounrnaments just now ...
  4. 09 Jun '04 14:10
    Real funny but any of y'all want to play me is some chess
  5. Standard member moredhel
    Caught Red Handed
    12 Jun '04 00:22
    Guess it doesnt matter to me any more cuz im a member.
  6. Standard member tlai1992
    Retired knight
    19 Jun '04 22:35
    i don't really care about non-member tournaments