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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 23 Oct '06 17:41
    tournement with players rated several hundred points grouped in with them? I am creating a banded tournement to do this and was fishing to see how many others are intersted. The way its planned the band will go to say 1200 or so but i keep a few spots for 1400-1600 rated players to clean house. Some of these spot will be open for players who have lost rating points and want a captive platform to regain their ratings point to enter higher banded tourements later. So esentially what you will be entering is an unbanded tounrement, but on the bright side some of the games will be competitive. Anyone intersted?
  2. Standard member bambee
    23 Oct '06 18:56
    lol, tempting. 😉
  3. 23 Oct '06 21:58
    An unbanded banded tournament to allow lower rated players to get their butts whipped purely to allow those that have lost a massive amount of ratings points to get back to the correct level.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙄

    Thanks, but no thanks.