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  1. Joined
    08 Jan '02
    22 Oct '02 23:13
    But no-one listens here otherwise, i have never had an answer as to
    why the top group and 1400 group pairings were done differently
    regarding the ratings of opponents
  2. Tampa Bay, Florida
    24 Jun '01
    22 Oct '02 23:17
    I think you were given an answer, but chose not to accept it. I hope
    that you'll refrain from such vulgar language in the future and I
    appreciate your apology.

  3. Joined
    08 Jan '02
    23 Oct '02 05:19
    With all respect there was no answer. or what was it?? All i have been
    told is "that is how the original pairings were done look at the web
    site." That answers nothing! If i misunderstand then please explain
    how the original pairings were done based on ratings, (1-4, 2-3 or
    whatever) for the top section and 1400 section, are these 2 sections
    consistent. I am aware that they are not, i have also been advised
    that the 1400 section may well be correct but the pairings may have
    been fixed in the top section to avoid an early schliemann v sintubin
    match. I just want this explained in simple terms. I want nothing but
    the truth. I am not concerned who i play, i play to win in the KO
    whoever, wherever,whenever.
    Apologies to your daughter i was unaware that 9 year olds were on the
    site, maybe i should have checked out your games first. lol
  4. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    23 Oct '02 12:49
    I did answer this question but the entire thread was deleted due to
    your use of language that hasn't been seen on here since the days of
    xeno and attilachess.

    The original pairings were done correctly and when I sent the setup
    over to maggoteer he set up the web page...I obviously (brain fart on
    my part) did not notice that the tables in some divisions got a little
    skewed. I was just going by what he set up and not my original write
    ups...which I think I might have thrown away...couldn't find them last

    It was a simple mistake...but not a huge one...this is still a "KO"
    tourney and the person who wins will be the one who was supposed to
    win regardless.

    I will once again repeat..I am not perfect and if I am not
    mistaken..NOONE on here is.

  5. Tampa Bay, Florida
    24 Jun '01
    23 Oct '02 16:41

    Thanks for the response. I knew you had answered this earlier, but
    wasn't able to find it. Thanks for repeating it. You have done a great
    job with this tournament. I jsut wish I could have gone further in it. I
    have some studying to do.

  6. Joined
    01 Dec '01
    23 Oct '02 18:20
    I agree with the last part of the message. I for sure make a lot of mistakes too. The point is that mistakes could be sorted before
    they are irreversible if you would publish the pairings in advance, as well as the rules.

    One question: why was in round 1 the pairing 1-4,2-5,3-6 in top group as well as in group1400 (plus 7-9 , 8-10), and you took
    a different approach for the round 2 pairing? In fact the 'mistake' in the top group brings it back to the same rule (1-3, 2-4).
    In that respect, the topgroup pairing is OK, but the 1400 group not. Gil.
  7. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    23 Oct '02 19:12
    Once again I was simply going by maggoteer's page with how he had
    a no way shape or form was this meant to hold anyone
    down or lift anyone up.

    As for doing the pairings beforehand..just like John said people would
    start their games early and that is not part of the original set up.

  8. Joined
    01 Dec '01
    24 Oct '02 06:41
    but ... no answer to my question. Gil.
  9. Tampa Bay, Florida
    24 Jun '01
    23 Oct '02 16:39
    I see that Dave has provided the answer to your question. Thanks
    again for the apology.

  10. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    24 Oct '02 00:35
    I have read the following post up to the time this post comes up.
    Dave, Had you asked me I had the information. Everyone else, Let's
    play chess and allow our friends to make mistakes. Here is the
    original signup listing:
    Sintubin 1906 Gilbert
    Schliemann 1828 Dave
    Mcdonan 1801 Neil
    KnightmareNJ 1788 Paul
    Fernando J P Vasquez 1773
    Wwarrior 1734
    Bagger2000 1707
    Bessyboo 1684
    Islanddoc 1669 Ray
    Bobby Fisher 1655
    Koos 1649
    Miss Take 1606 Janey
    Tonytiger41 1606
    Joost 1573
    Lioness 1545 Julia
    Bishopford 1542
    Weller 1522 Nick
    Sl64w 1516
    Luck 1502 Harri
    Amnell 1502
    tenebr8 1494 Tim
    T1000 1467 Mark
    Dcpk 1462
    !~TONY~! 1455 Tony
    Hardcorepawn 1445 Ben
    Gbgnils 1435 Nils
    Bbarr 1430 Bennett
    Misslead 1412 Lyn
    Tharg 1403 Sean
    Dr Brain 1403
    Alley Crime 1401 Tony
    Pawnking 1399 Simon
    Shougi 1394 [Ben]
    Maggoteer 1387 Mike
    Richjohnson 1378
    Latexbishop 1373
    Jqvaccaro 1373 Jake
    Ronster 1367
    Fexkorn 1361 Franklin
    Belgianfreak 1350
    Sshek 1349 Simon
    Danforth 1347 Yan
    Rookie5 1345 Greg
    Rhymester 1326 Andrew
    Dustnrogers 1321 Dustin
    Pacaro 1321 Paul
    Macca 1318
    Chris Hughes 1312
    Johnw249 1305 John
    Vaknso 1295 John
    Gburl 1280 Gene
    Novaboy 1280 Dean
    Kyngj 1265 Joe
    Iain 1253
    Alain 1242
    Anthem 1233 Geoff
    Kirksey957 1224 Kirk
    Bethlahem 1206 Richard
    Gotti2000 1198
    Overbassj 1192
    Mommyoftwojps 1182 Tara
    Jakatsavras 1177
    Chester97 1171 Mike
    Zander 1147
    Geniejml 1146 Jason
    Roydhenderson 1142 Roy
    Vacostner 1122
    Dant 1092 Daniel
    Flash 1065 Doug
    Linda 1020 Linda

    I'm going back to the MAP War ,where I enjoy Red Hot Pawn...(A little
    disappointed with some folks here) No!!! Not aimed at anyone.
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