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  1. Standard memberjay D
    Jay D
    16 Mar '04
    04 Apr '05 01:06
    was just looking at Russ' new addition to the tourno menu, which I think is ace.

    Just another idea is if there is a possibility of having an archive section for the tournaments which we have entered which we are either knocked out or which are completed. I guess it will be along the same lines as how we archive our games. Or have some function in the tourno menu which shows the ones you are still in, even if the tourno hasnt completed.

    I just might help you seeyour progression at a glance and you know which ones to keep an eye on for unexpected 2nd/3rd rounds.

    Maybe this is there already but I cant seem to see it, apologies if there are. Im not a techi so not sure if this is possible, but thought Id throw it out there for thoughts, so what do you think. 🙂
  2. Standard memberGatecrasher
    Whale watching
    33°36'S 26°53'E
    05 Feb '04
    06 Apr '05 21:12

    Particularly the ability to see your current status in each tounament. Active, promoted, Eliminated, Winner, etc.