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  1. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    09 Aug '02 02:06
    Hey ther Tourney and Asistant Tourney directors!

    If any of you could send me a finalized list of the player pairings and
    game Id numbers, I'll start putting them on the web site. I've been
    too lazy to collect them as they've shown up. And if I can be really
    picky - an Excel (or tab delimited) format would be so so very sweet!
    (But anything would be just fine).

    Thanks mucho!
    Dave has my email, and John, I think you should too (at least from
    our games).

    And two questions for our fearless tourney leaders:

    1) What happens if its still a tie after 3 games? More games, or some
    sort of TD decision? (Helps me know how many spots I may need for

    2) When do we know the 2nd round pairings?
  2. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    09 Aug '02 02:48
    I have a complete list. Send me your e-mail:
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational

    Other questions are for Dave to answer.
  3. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    09 Aug '02 03:01
    cat. Name vs Name game nr.

    Top Sintubin bye
    Schliemann fernando jp vasquez
    fernando jp vasquez Schliemann
    Mcdonand wwarrior 97582
    wwarroir Mcdonand 97441
    Knightmare NJ bagger2000
    bagger2000 Knightmare NJ

    1600 bessyboo koos 97793
    koos bessyboo 97794
    Islanddoc Miss Take 97517
    Miss Take Islanddoc 97518
    Bobby Fisher tonytiger 41
    tonytiger41 Bobby Fisher

    1500 Joost bye
    Lioness Sl64w 97506
    Sl64w Lioness 97505
    Bishopford Luck 98091
    Luck Bishopford 98092
    weller amnell 97930
    amnell weller 97933

    1400 tenebr8 bye
    T1000 hardcorepawn 97425
    hardcorepawn T1000 97523
    dcpk gbgnils 97426
    gbgnils dcpk 97427
    !~TONY~! bbarr 97420
    bbarr !~TONY~! 97417
    misslead Dr.Brain 97724
    Dr.Brain misslead 97723
    tharg Alley Crime 97532
    Alley Crime tharg 97536

    1300 Pawnking maggoteer 98215
    maggoteer Pawnking 97467
    Latexbishop Ronster 97412
    Ronster Latexbishop 97460
    jqvaccaro fexkorn 97712
    fexkorn jqvaccaro 97711
    belgianfreak Danforth 98612
    Danforth belgianfreak 97436
    Sshek Rookie5 97478
    Rookie5 Sshek NSY
    Rhymester Pacaro 97462
    Pacaro Rhymester 97408
    dustnroger Macca 97848
    Macca dustnroger 97845
    Chris Hughes Johnw249 98741
    Johnw249 Chris Hughes 97792
    Richjohnson shougi 97415
    shougi Richjohnson 97416

    1200 vaknso bye
    gburl kyngj 97534
    kyngj gburl 97653
    Novaboy Iain 97413
    Iain Novaboy
    Alain kirksey957 97651
    kirksey957 Alain 97650
    anthem bethlahem 97444
    anthem 98084

    1100 Gotti2000 bye
    OverbassJ jakatsavras 97494
    jakatsavras Overbassj 97493
    mommyoftwojps chester97 97551
    chester97 mommyoftwojps 97553
    Zander roydhenderson 98663
    roydhenderson Zander 98661
    Geniejml vacostner 97405
    vacostner Geniejml 97406

    1000 Dant bye
    Flash Linda 98163
    Linda Flash 98164

    Last update : sunday August, 4th 2002

    NSY = Not Started Yet

    Assistant TD Baker Invitational (Top Division)

    PS: Sorry for the format but it get taken out when I post it.
  4. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    09 Aug '02 18:51
    Thanks John for handling all of the case of a tie...there is a
    playoff game...lower rated player getting white...if that ends in a
    draw...then colors are switched and it will go to a 3 day TO...I am sure
    that this will not happen but that is the deal.

    2nd round pairings will be decided after all of the first round games
    are done.

    KO TD

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