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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 11 Nov '02 15:02
    In the tournaments is there a standard for claiming timeouts? Do we
    just claim the win when the flag comes up or do we give a grace
    period? I would think it best if there was as least an understanding
    among the players of how this should be handled. Just wondering.
  2. 11 Nov '02 18:21
    This is a good point. Personally I think that in the tournaments a TO
    loss should be automatic. I intend to claim timeouts should they
    occur (under the assumption that my opponents will do the same).

    It's nice in many ways to have TO be optional, but I don't think that
    should apply in tournaments-- we're all competing against each other,
    so the field should be level for all, not dependent on the TO
    forgiveness of our respective opponents.
  3. 12 Nov '02 00:20
    It was for the reason that Jake gave why I took a timeout over
    NoGoodAmI. No enjoyment is gained from doing so but I agree, there
    needs to be a level playing field so that things like pleyers' friendship
    or occasions when one is more willing to claim timeout against some
    and wouldn't against others don't skew the tournament.

    Still, it's not a pleasurable thing to do.

    The Squirrel Lover

    PS: No, I'm not sure what "skew the tournament" means either...but
    you get the idea(!)
  4. 11 Nov '02 19:35
    I asked the same question a couple of days ago. As Dave says nice
    guys finish last...I will be claiming any wins as soon as they are
    available. ;-)

  5. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    11 Nov '02 19:37
    This is true...we are all friends and everything...but tournament play is

    Take the TO as soon as it is there...because the other person will do
    the same to you!!

    I know I will 😀

  6. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    11 Nov '02 22:16
    I go along with this. I will be friendly in non-tournament games. I
    touranment games I will take every points I can.
    King of MAP
    PS: Also every MAP moves I can.
    PPS: Andrew, eat your heart out. Lots and lots of move available right
    now. Hope you are having a great vacation. Hi to Mrs Rhymester.
  7. Standard member tlai1992
    Retired knight
    12 Nov '02 00:34
    I don't know.