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    07 Dec '04
    09 Jan '06 17:2811 edits
    Well, we're in the final round of Eight Ball I (Tournament 631) and it appears to be a four way race between GauravV, Redmike, mrshogi and myself, with GauravV currently appearing to have an edge.

    I've split games with Redmike and it appears a split is likely between myself and GauravV but it is too early to say anything on my games with mrshogi other than to acknowledge he's an excellent player.

    GauravV appears to be spliting with me but has beat Redmike in both of their games. However ourborous acted as a slight "spoiler" and forced one of his games with GauravV into a draw.

    Redmike has split with me and mrshogi but lost both to GauravV.

    mrshogi is 13-20 moves into his games with me and with GauravV and slipt with Redmike.

    Current Scoring
    (Current Score / Points still available / Highest Possible Score):

    GauravV (40 / 24 / 64)
    Redmike (37 /12 / 59)
    kwgoodwin (33 / 30 / 63)
    mshogi (24 / 39 / 63)

    Of course English Guy and Kpt Quack could come alive and beat everyone if they do so before their 20-22 days of timebank left expires, however my "bet" is on GauravV taking this puppy, but I'll try my best to keep that from happening! 😀

    P.S. Sorry for all the edits, couldn't figure out the [tid] function....