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  1. Standard memberSapanRinpoche
    Sapan Rinpoche
    Lyons, CO, USA, NA
    29 Dec '08
    31 Dec '10 20:48
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Seven fine players, above 1800+, are waiting for ONE MORE PLAYER to be able to start the "Club Colorado USA (CCOUSA) 2011 INVITATIONAL 1800+ CUP" tournament, in a 7/14 format.

    You must join CCOUSA, ID#221, to play in this private tournament event. CCOUSA is open to ALL RHP members, and has currently 28 members, with THREE OPEN EVENTS still awaiting entrants, and four tournaments now in progress. We have a number of International members and several more from out of state! PLEASE, if your way is open, come and check us out! Thanks!

    Players, (TJHE SEVEN!) who you may know or may have played are: RevRSleeker, jankrb, jbaffo, misterrigel, BillyDean, TimmyBx and Sapan RInpoche. We have another event, also, that could use one more player to start, but that one ... "CCOUSA 2011 INVITATIONAL Below 1800+ CUP" tournament, but that one COULD find its 8th player from the existing membership. HOWVER, feel free to join our club for that reason, if you like. ALSO, for NON-SUBSCRIBERS, we have two QUARTET, which I am running in our Club Forum, awaiting more entrants.

    THANKS for reading this FLASH PLEA MESSAGE, and thank you for of your considerations. If you have ANY questions please message me!

    Kindest regards,

    Sapan Rinpoche
    CCOUSA Admin - #221
    Lyons, CO, USA, North America

    🙂 😴 😀 😵 😏