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Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member royalchicken
    10 Aug '03 01:53
    This thread is of interest only to Freethinkers. For those non-FT whom that sentence encouraged to continue reading in hopes of getting some dirt on the mightiest of the mighty, there will be no consequences save utter boredom and abject disappointment. I'm posting this information here because of the limitations of the PM system (not knocking Russ's fine work-merely acknowledging that there is going to be much information). If rwingett objects I will of course desist.
    ***********************END CAVEAT*************************

    This thread will contain rules, instructions, and pairings for the Freethinker Free-For-All Get-Acquainted Tournament. These will be posted following the completion of sign-ups and voting at 10:09 PM EST, 2:09 AM GMT, 7:09 PM WCT on 10/11 August. At around that time, the rules and instructions for starting games will be posted, so keep an eye out. I will also maintain a simple website for the benefit of those who would like to know who has played whom and what the outcome was. This can be found at:

    and will contain a chart.

    Look back at this thread as soon as possible after sign-ups close so that we can get the tournament up and running smoothly. Remember, this tournament will depend on participants starting games, so some attention to this thread is requested. All clerical junk will, however, be handled by me, for good or for ill.

    Your humble tournament minion,

  2. Standard member royalchicken
    11 Aug '03 03:49
    The battle begins! We have 12 participants, and by a score of 9-2 with 1 abstention, we elected the "All vs. All" format. Still, it will be played in rounds so only two games need be played simultaneously. The procedure is:

    1. You are assigned an opponent (see pairings below).
    3. Make sure your challenge settings will accept any games until your twp games have begun.
    2. Send ONE game to your opponent, with yourself playing WHITE. This way there are two games between each pair, with each player having Black and White. All challenges should be 7 day TO unless otherwise agreed. Please use "Freethinker Tourney" for game names for clarity.
    3. Send a message to "royalchicken" indicating that your game has begun.
    4. Play your games. Get acquainted with your fellow Freethinkers.
    5. When the game finishes, send me a message indicating the result of the game IN WHICH YOU PLAYED WHITE.

    Results and a chart will be posted at:


    1,2. rwingett vs. Poison Godmachine

    3,4. Varg vs. Feivel

    5,6. Kalte Sterne vs. bbarr

    7,8. legionnaire vs. royalchicken

    9,10. nook7 vs. Brett L

    11,12. kyngj vs. stagefright

    Any questions can be addressed here or through the PM infrastructure.


  3. Standard member royalchicken
    12 Aug '03 02:26 / 1 edit
    We now have 14 participants. iamatiger vs. richjohnson has been added.
  4. Standard member royalchicken
    19 Aug '03 00:52
    Any games finished?
  5. Standard member royalchicken
    21 Aug '03 00:56
    Ahem....Freethinkers! Upon completion of the FTFFA (distant future), a few prizes will be awarded:

    1. Winner...most total points (win=1, draw=0, loss=-1 rather than the standard way)

    2. Runner-up....2nd most total points

    3. Worm of the Rounds (the winner of what I *objectively* feel to be the coolest or most odd game. I realize virtually everyone in the clan is a better judge of this than I, but whatever. Title taken from Worms: Armageddon.)

    4. The Upset Prize (given to the lower-rated winner of the most unbalanced game.)

    5. Most "Creative" Game (given to the player, likely me, who leaves about 72 of his/her 16 pieces en prise on each move and gives up the queen before the game starts etc. 😛)

    6. Quickest Victory

    7. Long Slog (optional. If there is a long and well-played game, this award goes to both players.)

    Each of these prizes will consist of a title and an accompanying piece of verse courtesy of me.
  6. Standard member royalchicken
    27 Aug '03 18:38
    The website is ready with current results (although only one FTFFA game is thus far complete). Go to:

    I hope you can all read PDF.
  7. Standard member Varg
    28 Oct '03 11:47
    Originally posted by royalchicken
    The website is ready with current results (although only one FTFFA game is thus far complete). Go to:

    I hope you can all read PDF.
    Feivel has unsurprisingly beaten me in one game and, soon, another.
    Are you still keeping track of the results, RC?