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  1. 08 Jan '10 00:23
    Tournament 9136

    Interesting concept. I don't really like defending this position as Black. But recently survived it in Game 7031266.

    Also, the description leaves out move 6, which is portrayed in the set piece image as having been played.
  2. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    08 Jan '10 09:38
    The Fegatello Attack, as it is otherwise known, has never been wholly proven. Black can, and in practice, often does hold on. The way to try is not to give the piece straight back, as shown in the game above. That just leaves White a good pawn up and the better position. Hang on to the piece by every means possible, and let White try his damnedest to get compensation.

    The Traxler (Wilkes-Barre) is another descendant of the Two Knights that has never been busted, neither by humans nor by engines
  3. 10 Jan '10 23:19
    Well, playing as black is hard, but it is possible.... just don't act passively, as you have no many piece that are playing real, usefull roles.

    Unpin the knight soon, whitout, losing it for nothing.... if youy get a rook for it, then it should be good.
  4. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    11 Jan '10 10:08
    Against accurate play, Black suffers for a long time, only to die anyway 🙁
  5. 11 Jan '10 20:32 / 5 edits
    I tought that Nxc2+ and Nxa1 was livable, but I have just seen, it do not.
    it take a miracle or white blunder for black to win this.

    I change my opinion,

    But god, if this is good, then the Lolli is just killing black. Or both kill black.

    Edit: I should not give my line. but I think there is line to draw.
  6. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    20 Jan '10 14:50
    I'm starting to regret playing this tourney. I've found only one line that gives Black anything like equality. If you don't follow that single option, nothing else works against reasonable moves by White. So it's not really much of a sporting contest
  7. 21 Jan '10 05:46 / 1 edit
    I regret that too, I tought my line could resist, but it is bad as ever, I won,t live long in that tourney.