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  1. 17 Oct '02 19:26
    Dave,I asked a simple question to the T.O.
    I did not "tell" you.(I, asked)
    Your brought the Russians in,so:



    and while we have the Russian dictionary open(glast)Let's look at:

    NAGLOST=meaning anything goes.

  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    17 Oct '02 19:44
    Ok...thanks I guess.

    (confused at this point)
  3. 17 Oct '02 20:09
    Ok,let's start with openness(Glasnost)
    I think I was very open with you,with all the players in this
    tournament,and any spectators.
    You,however,used that to show me in a bad light.
    Now I have to give reasons.
  4. 17 Oct '02 21:14
    Lyn,your talking to yourself.
    Dave answered before(confused,I guess),but he won't debate head to
    head.Lyn,just wait,when you go he will put a post up.

  5. 17 Oct '02 22:34
    Off now Dave,fell free.
  6. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    18 Oct '02 09:09
    This is wierd.. I don't know what you're getting at, but I feel like I'm
    missing half of the conversation because the replys to posts don't
    make sense. It seems like you're replying to something that we can't
    hear, and above it's like your talking to yourself. I'm even worried that
    someone has hacked your pass & is posting in your name. Can you
    explain please? Not that you have to of course; I'd just like to
  7. Donation Acolyte
    Now With Added BA
    18 Oct '02 21:46
    I think this post belongs in the 'Posers and Puzzles' forum.
  8. 18 Oct '02 22:03
    Glasnost means oppeness(in my book),but....
  9. 17 Oct '02 22:38
    Dave, i will return.
    Face me disgrace me but don't run away.
  10. 17 Oct '02 23:07
    Dave,thingy catch you later
  11. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    17 Oct '02 23:21
    What is your deal?

    As for me not replying..I am at work...leaving in just a few minutes
    and do not have time to play alot while I am here.

    All of this stuff is bordering on mental.

  12. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    17 Oct '02 20:07
    I found the Russians bit quite interesting - it reminded me of the
    Macedonians time wasting yesterday... not exactly sporting, everyone
    knows what they're doing, but you can't get pulled up for it. I realise
    that this wasn't what you were intending though; I'm not trying to say
    you were being unsporting.
    Just an idea... could you and Alley arrange to be on the site at the
    same time and play as if it were OTB. You'd both be trying to win, and
    there's no rules about playing too fast. And if there is 1 all (or 2
    draws) then you could take the tie breaker slower if you like.
    2 questions also.. Does OTB stand for "over the board"? - I've never
    know and just guessed that's what it was. And 2nd.. is it called a "GM
    draw" because only a GM would know it was a draw before 20 moves,
    or because it was GM's doing it? Or something else?
  13. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    18 Oct '02 04:12
    My understanding was that the phrase "GM draw" is a bit derogatory. It
    implied a draw between two grandmasters who simple didn't want to
    fight each other. I don't actually follow the the exact details of why it
    gave a points advantage in tourneys to the GMs doing it, but
    apparently it did ('ve never played in day). The games
    were generally drawn very early, often in the middle of a very standard
    opening line.
    I first ran across this while looking at games in a database, and very
    annoyingly spent a bit of time trying to understand WHY the games
    were draws. I thought there was something subtle about the positions,
    didn't realize it was just "politics". Sneaky sneaky. Most of the games
    I saw like this were from the 50s and 60s. Dave's info that it was often
    pulled to make life more difficult for Bobby Fisher was something I
    didn't know - and very interesting.
    Dave (or anyone who knows!) - did Tal also get the short end of this
    type of stick early on - thought I read that somewhere?