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  1. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    12 Aug '02 20:42
    Dear fellow RHPers

    Thank you for my nomination and acceptance into the Knighthood of
    the MAP Kingdom. I hope to live up to the code of honor, valour, and
    chivalry displayed by the other members of the Order!

    Thanks again. I appreciate that quite a bit.
    Sniffle sniffle. I'm almost ready to quote Sally Fields!

    And folks, the Baker Tournament Website is now updated
    semiautomatic. Any game ID numbers already on the page will get
    autmatically checked and updated everytime I run the script (daily or
    there abouts)
    What I will need from the TD and ass't TD (hi John!) is the occasional
    email when a new game (3rd, 4th, etc) are started, so I can add those
    to the list. email address is always on my homepage. I know they get
    posted in the forums, but I'm lazy...

    Also, email if any of the links are to the wrong games, or if anything is
    messed up. I think a few players names have typos in them; If I
    don't catch these errors, feel free to email corrections to me.

    thanks again, and enjoy.


  2. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    13 Aug '02 02:23
    Thank you very much for whst you are doing for us (RHP
    Players). You are great. I am honored to have you as a Knight Of
    Little Grasshopper
    King Of MAP
    The Ambassador
    Most Titled Player
    Assistant Captain Team USA
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational