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    17 Nov '01
    13 Aug '02 16:09
    jgvaccaro, in the interest of speeding along our games, I thought we
    could get together at a specifice time so we can make numerous
    moves at one sitting. As it is, we don't seem to be making much
    progress. Let me know what time(s) you play, and I'll try to log on
    with you.
    post it here or email me if you like. But I check the forums here more
    frequently than my emails.
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    17 Nov '01
    15 Aug '02 13:20
    I just wanted to bring this to the top. I've emailed you. I'll be on
    vacation from Aug 20-Sept 2nd and will not be playing much. So let's
    see if we can sit down together some time before then. I wouldn't
    want everbody else waiting for us...especially if we need play a tie
    braker!!! (Maybe we should start a tie breaker now just in case we do
    split🙂...would that be allowed?)
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    27 Feb '02
    16 Aug '02 21:22
    Hi Fexkorn-- I've already emailed you vis-a-vis speeding up the
    games-- I'll try to do so as much as possible under the

    I'd have no objection at all to starting a tie-breaker early if that's
    allowed-- another possibility would be to give a tiebreaker a shorter

    In general, a shorter timeout might make more sense in a multi-
    round tournament, unless we are okay with it taking months to
    complete. I imagine that some of the other tournament games are at
    a similar stage to ours at the moment.

  4. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    16 Aug '02 21:39
    No tiebreaker untill both original games are finished and it is needed.

    KO TD
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