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  1. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    18 Nov '02 00:08
    After reading all the way through the recent 'timeout' thread I would
    like to make the following points:

    At first I wasn't going to enter any of the 3 day timeout tournaments
    because I was just off on holiday. However Russ posted up that he
    wanted to get things moving and several people said they thought I
    ought to be involved.

    I asked Russ in the forum whether timeouts would be automatic or
    claimed. He said they would have to be claimed. I therefore took a
    chance that seeing as I was only going to be away for a week that not
    all of the tournaments would have been underway long enough for me
    to be timed out. Some where still waiting for sufficient entrants and
    hadn't started when I left.

    I managed to make all the moves that I was able to and informed all
    the opponents that I knew about of the date I would return.

    I can only say that to be timed out in over 30 games - 90% of which
    have either only 1 move or no moves at all - is to say the least,

    I'm not going to name names but I would like to thank those of you
    who said they wouldn't time me out - and didn't.

    We really do need an automatic timeout feature as well as a facility
    that I've come across on another site whereby as soon as a player
    timeouts in a game they automatically trigger an 'on vacation' over-
    ride. Each player is allowed a limited number of these each year.

  2. Joined
    05 Oct '01
    18 Nov '02 14:38
    I too think that the timeout should be automatic in the tournaments. I
    posted a question in a thread earlier in the week and it seemed that
    the general consensus was that timeouts would be claimed in the
    tournaments. I had to claim three TOs in the tournaments and did so
    based upon the response to the posted treads but was not something
    I enjoyed doing. Maybe three day TOs in a tournament is not long
  3. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    18 Nov '02 15:18
    I obviously wasn't around to hear the consensus - just to feel the
    results later. After all the talk about sporting behaviour and
    gentlemanly conduct in the recent thread aimed at Paulisfree I
    thought the consensus was that if someone had taken the trouble to
    inform their opponents of what was happening then it was the done
    thing to hold fire on the time out. Ironically, the player who started the
    thread asking if he should time me out was one of the few who
    actually didn't - even though he, as quite a low ranked player, would
    have had the most to gain.
    I notice that many of the time outs claimed against me were taken on
    the 14th Nov - only two days before I returned. I have made over 250
    moves in the last couple of days and as I write this have no moves
    waiting - thanks guys.

  4. Standard memberPawnKing
    The King of Pawn
    Birmingham, UK
    11 Jun '01
    20 Nov '02 13:05
    With all due respect Andrew, I have got to the point where I just take
    them, full stop, these days (especially in tourneys - where I feel Time
    constrictions are there for a purpose). If it is a casual game i wouldnt
    take the time out if someone had explained they couldnt get to the
    table eg : Lood who has told me he wont be able to play until Jan.

    In the past I have lost many points, just recently I lots about 150
    points through work committments and not being able to get to the
    table. And it is very frustrating ... annoying in fact ! So what can we do
    about it ??

    I therefore agree with previous comments that Timeouts should be
    automatic if you choose to set one - (although perhaps settinga
    longer period 30 days or something would effectively mean a rated
    game with no time constraints)

    I understand your protestations because I have been there to, and as
    you say 90% of the games were less than a move old and so wouldnt
    have effected your overall rating (small graces).

    It is a tricky one, which is unlikely to be resolved.

    Sorry if you have taken offense to the TO but DEFINITELY look forward
    to PLAYING you again,

    Good luck with the King of MAP quest,

    Take care
  5. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    20 Nov '02 14:54
    OK Simon - maybe I'm not making this very clear so I'll try and do so

    I agree with all that you say and don't hold anything against you - well
    maybe just a bit ;-) No, what was so upsetting about this whole affair
    was that we'd recently had all the condemnation of people like
    paulisfree etc who claimed a timeout and lots of speeches about
    sportsmanship etc etc. So, I left for my holiday in the sure knowledge
    that maybe I would get timed-out by a 'newbie' opponent - as yet
    unknown to me - who doesn't read profiles or forums, but no way were
    the people that I could see on my list of known opponents going to
    time me out.
    If I'd have known that the general consensus of opionion was going to
    make a complete U turn then I wouldn't have bothered entering the
    tournaments in the first place.
    I've also still had no reply to the question that I've asked quite a few
    people now ie: Is there the normal reminder feature offered in
    tourney games?

  6. Donationrwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    Royal Oak, MI
    09 Sep '01
    20 Nov '02 15:22
    I am beginning to wonder if the tournaments will just end up being a source of
    irritation rather than an enjoyable diversion. It seems inevitable that the
    number of timeouts will increase dramatically. Your tournament entries were
    decimated. Dave has plummeted in the ratings. What rancor will emerge next? I
    have a feeling that things will get a lot worse before they get any better.
  7. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    20 Nov '02 16:32
    Never mind.. let's look on the bright side - I could always make a play
    for MTOPT (Most Timed Out Player in a Tournament) ;-)
    I could borrow one of Vaknso's cast off crowns!

  8. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    21 Nov '02 04:17
    Andrew, Which one would you like.
    Your friend.
  9. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    21 Nov '02 08:06
    Something slimline, not too heavy and with built in headphones would
    be nice.. ;-)
  10. Donationvaknso
    The Ambassador
    Charleston SC. USA
    17 Jun '01
    22 Nov '02 00:24
    Let me see what I can do.
    Kinbg of MAP
  11. DonationXenophile
    The Jonster
    16 Feb '02
    18 Nov '02 17:31
    Rhymster, I was one of the people who took timeouts on you. I feel
    badly about it for a number of reasons. For one, I entered the
    tournaments because I wanted to play chess. I don't take timeouts
    generally unless someone has obviously quit a game...hasn't moved
    in weeks. My rating is poor, and I don't win many games. But the
    games I win and the rating I have are hard earned. Although I didn't
    receive any communication directly from you, I knew you were on
    vacation because you stated it in your profile. I entered the
    tournaments to try to be as competitive as I could, and I know that
    there's no chance in hell that I could win or even place well in any
    tourney on RHP with my skill level what it is. But I still have an
    attitude of optimism and want to give it my best shot. I began
    reading the posts about timeouts when the option came up, and I was
    torn as to what I should do. Then I looked at the tournament
    standings and noticed that seven people had already timed you and
    another fellow out. So, seven people already had 12 points while I
    had none. I took the points to stay in competition with those players.
    I freely admit that you probably would have beaten me handily, as I
    think you have in the past. But I would have liked to have given you
    my best games. I wish this whole thing would have gone differently.
    I'm sorry it didn't. Two things could make the tournaments a bit
    better (not that I don't think they're already outstanding!): 1) A start
    date should be determined and announced after everyone is signed
    up. Everyone should know the day it begins. 2) Timeouts should be
    automatic. Then there will be no situations like this, and all players
    will be playing on the same footing. I think others have said similar
    things. I just wanted to put my two cents in.
  12. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    18 Nov '02 22:05
    I understand xenophile - no hard feelings. Thanks for taking the time
    to respond :-)

  13. Joined
    11 Oct '02
    19 Nov '02 23:59
    I also took a timeout on you. I freely admit that I suck and would
    have lost. However, it was not a tournament. The game was already
    going and you had made moves. You never told me you were going to
    go. So I took it. No offense, but I don't regret it. I state in my profile I
    take what I can get. Let me know or accept the loss. However, if you
    want the win back, just challenge me. You're almost guarenteed a win.
  14. DonationRhymester
    and RedHotTed
    Red Hot Rebel Clan
    06 Apr '01
    20 Nov '02 09:03
    Well led, just a few points. You should always read your opponents
    profile BEFORE you challenge them. If you had have done this you
    have seen that I always ask for 14 day timeouts. You, however, sent
    across a 7 day challenge - not wanted to appear rude I accepted it
    and we started playing.
    I then went on holiday for a week and said so in my profile, in the
    general forum, the tournament forum and my web page.
    You claimed the win at 3 o'clock in the morning on the same day I
    returned - you didn't bother to send a reminder or read my profile
    before claiming.
    I understand that you did this because it was the only way for you to
    win the game and that you have broken no actual rules.
    I shouldn't feel too bad though - there are others who actually
    promised not to time me out but still did.


    A couple of months ago you said that you were going to increase the
    timeout periods by one day so that people who actually want one or
    two week holidays every now again can still play 7 and 14 day timeout
    games respectively. This is obviously now even more important seeing
    that the 'gentlemen's agreement method' appears to be no more.
    We really need a catching up day.

  15. Joined
    11 Oct '02
    21 Nov '02 14:11
    I challenged you because one of my opponents told me I should play
    you. He said you were extremely quick about making your moves. He
    said he never had any problems with you. That is why I put up the

    Before you accepted my challenge, perhaps you should have read my
    profile. It states that I do not send reminders. My reason for this is
    that the site sends you an email when it is your turn.

    As for your comment about it being the only way for me to win the
    game, I consider this a low blow. Obviously you are a better chess
    player than I. However, if a worse player were to stop playing against
    me, I would claim victory here as well. The reason I claimed the victory
    is because the rule that was set when the challenge was made (and
    agreed on by you when the challenge was accepted) was that there
    was a 7 day timeout. You could have deleted the game and ignored
    me. In your quest to be polite you could have deleted the game and
    challenged me back with your regular timeout period. I would have

    As for your methods of alerting opponents to your vacation, perhaps a
    message in-game would have been a wiser decision. I had only been
    to these forums once before yesterday so I did not see the
    announcement there. I do not check member profiles during the
    game and sometimes not even before the game. I certainly did not
    know you had a personal web page with game announcements. I
    didn't even know about these MAP wars that you were so involved in
    until I looked into it for the message.

    My point in all of this is not to offend. My point is to show that while
    there is obviously a community here made up of friends that often
    communicate with each other and know each other, not all of your
    opponents are aware of this. While I see the complications in alerting
    174 opponents personally of your absence, it cannot be assumed that
    they will all hit your web site or even read your profile when you go
    away. Some people, like myself, come here only to play a friendly
    game of chess. I don't plan on becoming a regular poster on the
    forum. I don't expect there will come a time when I become
    somebody's chess apprentice. I come here simply to enjoy a game of

    And yes, even though I am a poor player, I am able to enjoy the
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