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  1. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    15 Aug '02 07:22
    Not that anyone asked me!

    Why not just continue as normal? Whoever he gets paired with in the
    next round will challenge him to the two games. Maybe he will actually
    be able to find time to play (though it sounds like he won't); if he
    doesn't play, they become defaults just like they would have in the
    first round.
    I know the end result is the same as giving his opponent a bye, but
    doing it this way would treat is no differently than any other pair of
    games, and thus make my "inner lawyer" feel better.

    Another way of saying it; whether one is polite and considerate like
    gbnils was in telling people he was withdrawing, or flaky like
    dustnrogers was when he quit, the t/o limits take care of both cases.
    No need to automatically give a bye to his opponent.

    As I said, not like any asked - or needed - my opinion. But there it is.