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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 12 May '03 23:06
    Why isn't there more tournaments created...for example such as once a week...?
  2. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    13 May '03 07:12 / 2 edits
    Think about it Timmy whilst you sit on that loo - available members playing other available members once a week every week would not only severely strain the RHP server, but also the members ability to manage some 12,000 games at any one time after only five weeks play based on a starting base of 128 players.
    Not only logistically impossible but absolutely stupid and which in this category I place your ill considered post

    The view of the skeeter
  3. 14 May '03 01:19
    I never said each tournament had to have 128 players...
  4. Standard member genius
    Wayward Soul
    14 May '03 15:46
    well-could we not put our names down for tournaments, so then there's a waiting list, rather than first-come-first-served?
  5. Standard member GibaW
    14 May '03 20:23
    Good ideia, to create a system to control the wait of torunaments.
  6. Donation Dustnrogers
    15 May '03 05:14
    Whens the NEXT TOURNEY???

  7. Standard member gervic
    Viva México.
    15 May '03 19:45
    Do we know when the next tournament is going to be on?
  8. Standard member tlai1992
    Retired knight
    26 Jul '04 22:15
    Originally posted by gervic
    Do we know when the next tournament is going to be on?
    of course not