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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member Blackamp
    06 May '09 14:31
    i've just created a new club for people who want to play more thematic tournaments: the Theme-ster's Union. the idea is that members can post in the club forum about what kinds of tournaments they would like to play, and if there is sufficient interest (the minimum seems to be eight), i'll start a club tournemnt with that theme.

    please consider joining and we can have that Sveshnikov tournament that Macpo suggested, and many more!

    The Club ID is 217, if that helps find it.

  2. Subscriber Ponderable
    06 May '09 15:58
    Does this work:Club 217
  3. Standard member Blackamp
    06 May '09 16:43
    Originally posted by Ponderable
    Does this work:Club 217
    yes, thanks. i tried [ci]217[/ci]

    guess i should have tried that,too...