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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    17 Aug '02 03:37
    Game #100926 : Flash vs. Dant - Flash is white
    Game #100927 : Dant vs. Flash - Dant is white

    Good luck Dant!

  2. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    17 Aug '02 05:27
    Doug and Dant. Enjoy chess for a little while. Second round game are
    not to start yet. Practice till secound round start is announced. Good
    playing Doug. Linda, this all fun for all of us. Good sport.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational
  3. 18 Aug '02 00:53
    Vaknso, Who is my FIRST round player? Did I miss something? Daniel
  4. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    18 Aug '02 02:47
    Daniel, Since your division was unevenly matched you got a bye in the
    first round. Yours and Flash's game is for the Division Championship.

    Dant bye
    Flash Linda 98163 1-0
    Linda Flash 98164 0-1**

    Asssitant TD Baker Invitational