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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 19 Oct '12 03:39
    just wondering about tournament scoring
    i play almost all my games as a result of tournaments, which i prefer
    and i like the thematic ones the most
    to enter a tournament, it is based on your tournament entry score
    but when played win or lose, the result is based on the current individuals score.
    some people by way of holidays or simply leaving their games have a crash in their score
    when they play in tournaments, and have a disastrously low score from their crash,
    but still can play reasonably well, they invariably hurt their opponents score
    perhaps a little unfairly
    i realise it's not all about scores, but if in tournaments, the entry rating score was used in lieu of the current score, such unusual conditions of a banded thematic tournament for example from 1500 - 1550 players wouldn't have a player with a score of 1000 playing against them that could just as easily win
    as i say - i'm just wondering
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    19 Oct '12 08:35
    Quite a lot of sandbagging, deliberate or otherwise, goes on here as on most chess sites. I have no idea why the participants' final ratings are used, rather than their initial ratings, but I'm sure there are good reasons either way. What about a newish player whose rating hasn't yet reached its correct level, playing a game over a period of months? I doubt there's any way to prevent all undesirable rating effects. Ten games or twenty games later, an excessive loss or gain of rating points tends to regress to the norm.