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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member The Slow Pawn
    15 Feb '05 11:52
    When a subscriber doesn't renew his/her subscription but has advanced into the next round of a tournament ??

    Does he/she still advances or not ??

  2. Standard member Toe
    15 Feb '05 12:26
    See threadID 19635 for a wee chat on this type of thing.

    So far it seems most people think they should go no further in the tourney, though not all agree with that. Even were that proposal accepted, the means to acomplish it would be up for grabs (via zero score, explicit non-subscriber removal, a by (sp?) given to opponent of next round etc). Then there's the additional issues of lee-way subscription time (for cheques in the post and all that jazz).

    Best to keep the discussion in one thread if the site admins are ever going to have a hope of keeping up-to-date with the chat.