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Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    29 Jul '02 22:49
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    29 Jul '02 22:51
    Damn enter button...ok...TD's lets get together on the list and make
    sure that we are not missing anyone.

    Before I start on pairings I want to make sure the list is correct. me the current list as soon as you see well as
    post it here.

    KO TD
  3. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    29 Jul '02 23:15
  4. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    29 Jul '02 23:19
    Here is my list at closing. Linda had e-mailed here entry earlier today
    when the site was down. I checked to insure no post for entry to the
    tournament was in the general or Tournament Forum before this post
    came up.
    Sintubin 1906 Gilbert
    Schliemann 1828 Dave
    Mcdonan 1801 Neil
    KnightmareNJ 1788 Paul
    Fernando J P Vasquez 1773
    Wwarrior 1734
    Bagger2000 1707
    Bessyboo 1684
    Islanddoc 1669 Ray
    Bobby Fisher 1655
    Koos 1649
    Miss Take 1606 Janey
    Tonytiger41 1606
    Joost 1573
    Lioness 1545 Julia
    Bishopford 1542
    Weller 1522 Nick
    Sl64w 1516
    Luck 1502
    Amnell 1502
    tenebr8 1494 Tim
    T1000 1467 Mark
    Dcpk 1462
    !~TONY~! 1455 Tony
    Hardcorepawn 1445 Ben
    Gbgnils 1435 Nils
    Bbarr 1430 Bennett
    Misslead 1412 Lyn
    Tharg 1403 Sean
    Dr Brain 1403
    Alley Crime 1401 Tony
    Pawnking 1399 Simon
    Shougi 1394 [Ben]
    Maggoteer 1387 Mike
    Richjohnson 1378
    Latexbishop 1373
    Jqvaccaro 1373 Jake
    Ronster 1367
    Fexkorn 1361 Franklin
    Belgianfreak 1350
    Sshek 1349
    Danford 1347
    Rookie5 1345 Greg
    Rhymester 1326 Andrew
    Dustnrogers 1321 Dustin
    Pacaro 1321 Paul
    Macca 1318
    Chris Hughes 1312
    Johnw249 1305 John
    Vaknso 1295 John
    Gburl 1280
    Novaboy 1280
    Kyngj 1265 Joe
    Iain 1253
    Alain 1242
    Anthem 1233
    Kirksey957 1224 Kirk
    Bethlahem 1206 Richard
    Gotti2000 1198
    Overbassj 1192
    Mommyoftwojps 1182 Tara
    Jkatsavras 1177
    Chester97 1171 Mike
    Zander 1147
    Geniejml 1146 Jason
    Roydhenderson 1142 Roy
    Vacostner 1122
    Dant 1092 Daniel
    Flash 1065 Doug
    Linda 1020 Linda

    Any omissions, Please let me know at
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational Knockout Tournament
  5. 29 Jul '02 23:37
    Great work John! The list tallies with the one I've been making except
    for a couple of points:-

    You have down "Danford 1347". There's no-one that matches that
    I think this should be "Danforth 1347"

    Also you have "Jkatsavras 1177"
    This should be "Jakatsavras 1177"

    One final thing, I have Misslead down as having entered at 1390 as
    opposed to 1412.

  6. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    30 Jul '02 00:04
    Thanks for the correction on the players name. It is important.
    Assistant Td Baker Invitational Knockout Tournament
  7. 30 Jul '02 00:13

    Thanks for what you're doing. I really appreciate your hard work. Of
    course, I appreciate everyone who is organizing this tournament. I'm
    looking forward to playing.

    You were the first here at RHP to befriend me. That will always mean
    a lot to me.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    30 Jul '02 00:22
    Sweet words to my ears and eyes. Thanks.
    The Ambassador (of good will)
  9. 30 Jul '02 00:25

    Thank you John!
  10. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    30 Jul '02 00:41
    Doug are a MAJOR person on this site too!!

    Nicest guy I could ever hope to meet. One day hopefully in person.

    Did you read about the 1000 level playoff and winner moves into the
    1100's?? Need to know how you and Dant feel about that..other wise
    you guys basically just fight for the title.

    KO TD
  11. 30 Jul '02 01:48

    Thanks for those kind words. I really appreciate you!

    Whatever you decide is fine with me! I thought I saw someone else in
    the 1000's though. I'm just looking forward to the games! :o)
    Getting a chance at the 1100's would be fun, but you feel free to
    make the call.

  12. Donation GENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    31 Jul '02 00:37

    As doug said it is your call but with only three they could move into my
    category no sweat. But it is up to you my friend