How the Pawn Moves

How the Pawn Moves

Moving the Pawn in chess

How the Pawn Moves

Moving the Pawn in chess

Moving the Pawn

The pawn is the most basic piece, but it has unique movement and capturing rules.

Forward Movement

Pawns move forward one square at a time.

Initial Two-Square Move

On its first move, a pawn has the option to move forward two squares instead of one. This only applies to a pawn's initial move from its starting position.


Pawns capture opponent pieces by moving one square diagonally forward. They cannot capture by moving straight forward.

Move a white Pawn to see all legal moves and make a capture
Board is interactive - make a move
Special Moves
En Passant

This is a special pawn capture that available when an opponent's pawn moves two squares forward from its starting position, landing beside your pawn. Read more about en passant.

Pawn Promotion

When a pawn reaches the farthest rank from its starting position, it must be promoted to another piece. Read more about pawn promotion.

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